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Sentima: Sundered Wilds Kickstarter

VPG Announces Release of Astra Titanus with a Promo

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Victory Point Games latest title is Astra Titanus and, along with the announcement that the game is now available for purchase, comes word of  a special price and promotion.

From VPG:

At the end of the Exodus Wars, the first interstellar battle between four post-diaspora star empires, a gigantic alien war machine devastated the frontier worlds. The war-weary militaries of all four empires joined together as one and sent massive fleets of capital ships and escorts to the beleaguered frontier worlds at faster-than-light (FTL) speeds.

Astra Titanus is a solitaire game of space opera battles featuring fleets of highly advanced military starships that are dwarfed by a single alien robotic ship – a STAR TITAN.

The Titan is controlled by cards that determine movement, special weapon use and targeting priorities. The human ships “jump” across space using FTL drives. There are energy beams that shatter small moons and missiles that accelerate to a substantial fraction of c, the speed of light.

As Admiral, you must send your sailors out into the void against the overwhelming might of the Astra Titanus!

For a limited time, Astra Titanus will include a promo scenario, an extra Titan board, and larger (3/4″) Titan counters! This is only for the first 50 buyers, so hurry before this deal blasts off!

Got on over to VPG and score the promo scenario, map, and counters while saving a few bucks at the same time!

Suggested Price: $28.95

VPG Sale Price: $24.95

What You Get in Astra Titanus

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