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Wargaming World War Two Hits Amazon

WWIIGamingJustin Tonna has released his introductory book Wargaming World War Two and it’s now available from Amazon. Clocking in at over 150 pages the book promises to not only be an introduction to new gamers to the wargaming hobby – although it looks like the focus is on miniatures games while leaving the hex and counter brethren in the dust – and provide exercises to raise your tactical awareness to boost your chances of winning any given game. Hmmm… Not sure how you pull that off. Currently you can get your hands on Wargaming World War Two for $14.20.

From the publisher:

Bullets whizz past your ear, hand-grenades explode with a deafening roar, and the chatter of machine-guns snaps greedily at your heels as you dive for cover. The enemy is getting around your flank and you are pinned down. Your men look to you for an order. Give the right one, and you’ll all be eating a hot meal. Make the wrong one, and you’ll all become food for the enemy’s guns. World War Two was filled with brutal battlefields where such decisions were made from minute to minute. This book looks at how you can recreate those battles on the tabletop and wargame their outcomes to put your tactical abilities to the test. In this volume we look at: – The history of our civilization’s greatest conflict – Choosing, collecting and painting your troops – Rules sets and what wargaming involves – Basic and advanced tactics that can be used by wargamers – Tactical exercises to keep your skills sharp – How to find opponents

Written by Justin Tonna, who has over three decades of wargaming experience, this volume not only helps you to get into World War Two Wargaming, but it contains tactics and advice that will make you a better wargamer. Dare you go to war on the tabletop without it? After all, your opponent might be reading it…

Jeff McAleer

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