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Warlord Games New ‘The Bolt Action Collection’ Includes Free Minis

Warlord Games is now offering the entire collection of Bolt Action books (eight in all) in one fell swoop and if you order from the company’s website you can even scoop up plenty of free miniatures in the process. You can score The Bolt Action Collection for an even $200.00.

From Warlord:

Get the Bolt Action rulebook and all 7 supplements in one fell swoop with our new Bolt Action Collection offer. If that wasn’t already very cool, we’re also letting you choose one free plastic boxed set (Warlord Games plastics only – not Victrix, Perry, etc) absolutely FREE!

Of course, you’ll also receive all the special edition miniatures that are only available when you buy these books directly from us here at Warlord!

The Bolt Action Collection

Jeff McAleer

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