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‘Wyrms Footnotes’ Magazine Returns to Support ‘RuneQuest’ in 2018

Wyrms Footnotes #12 (Chaosium)As the all new edition of Greg Stafford’s RuneQuest nears release this coming December, Chaosium has announced the return of the roleplaying game’s former house organ, Wyrms Footnotes. Originally published sporadically from 1976 through 1983, the magazine focused on all things related to Glorantha (the world setting of the original Runequest) for GMs and players to incorporate into their games. The initial plan is to produce a sixty plus page magazine twice yearly. While there’s no specific release date for what will be in essence be issue #16 of Wyrms Footnotes, it stands to reason we should see it arrive soon after the parent game returns for a fourth edition.

If you’d like to contribute to Wyrms Footnotes, you can find the submission guidelines here.

From Chaosium:

Wyrms Footnotes is Chaosium’s House Magazine for Greg Stafford’s World of Glorantha. Fourteen issues were published between 1976 – 1983. After a (mere) 29 year hiatus, Wyrms Footnotes returned in 2012 with issue #15, produced by Moon Design Publications. In 2017, Wyrms Footnotes is back again as the Chaosium House magazine for Glorantha!

“Our goal is for Wyrms Footnotes to be a place where we can regularly publish articles, maps, short scenarios, background, fiction and more, exploring Greg Stafford’s World of Glorantha”, said Chaosium vice president Michael O’Brien.

Guest Editors

Each issue of Wyrms Footnotes is overseen by a special Guest Editor.

Guest editors may or may not be Chaosium staffers, but all share a deep and abiding love and passion for Glorantha.

The guest editor for issue #16 is Ian Cooper, Chaosium’s line editor for the HeroQuest RPG and author of recent Glorantha releases The Coming Storm and The Eleven Lights.

Issue #17 will be overseen by long-standing Glorantha contributor and creator David Scott, who is currently helping lead a 32-week “Group Read” of the monumental Guide to Glorantha on the Chaosium fourms at BRP Central.

Award-winning RPG designer, author and passionate Gloranthan Sarah Newton is guest editor of Issue #18.

Jeff McAleer

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