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Sentima: Sundered Wilds Kickstarter

Year of Fortune’s Fall Kicks Off in May for the Starfinder Society

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The sixth year of the Starfinder Society will kick off in May with Year of Fortune’s Fall, the latest SS campaign from Paizo Inc. The organized play event will launch during the virtual PaizoCon 2023 which takes place May 26th – 30th.

About Year of Fortune’s Fall from Paizo Inc:

Starfinder: Year of Fortune's Fall (Paizo Inc)

The Starfinder Society stands proud and united, yet trouble gathers on the horizon. When a mysterious and powerful criminal syndicate, dubbed the Organization, enacts a bloody attack within the Pact Worlds, First Seeker Ehu Hadif vows to bring an end to their predations. Yet, this attack is only the opening salvo in a plot destined to doom millions. It’s up to you to unravel the plans of the Organization and bring the group’s leaders to justice! Will the Starfinder Society emerge triumphant, or will the Organization be our downfall?

Welcome to the Year of Fortune’s Fall!

There are seven Starfinder Society Scenarios that directly influence the Year of Fortune’s Fall metaplot. Like last year, each will be marked with a special metaplot icon on the cover.

The Year of Fortune’s Fall metaplot kicks off with Starfinder Society Intro: Year of Fortune’s Fall, an adventure for 1st- to 4th-level characters written by Mahpiya. This exciting scenario is centered on a gala celebration hosted by the Grand Museum of Qabarat on Castrovel. This scenario debuts at PaizoCon 2023, alongside one other Starfinder Society Scenario.

With the launch of Year 6, the following species will become “always available” for Organized Play: gnoll, hanakan, kiirinta, quorlu, raxilite, and shimreen. Four other species will become purchasable with Achievement Points: kobold, psyacnoid, scyphozoan, and uplifted bear. Additionally, many species that were showcased in Starfinder Interstellar Species, such as contemplative and urog, will have their AcP cost reduced.

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