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Your Chance to Try Dragon Face at Gencon


Dragon Face from Blue-Orange Games is the perfect NEW game for chess enthusiasts with a perchance for fantasy. Set hundreds years in the future, the world is divided into 2 spheres, each vying to conquer the other by making them do an “about-face”. Each side has an Emperor, 6 Ambassadors and 7 Governors. You capture an opponent’s piece by jumping over it. That piece then flips over and becomes one of your own. The end goal is to capture the emperor by locking it.

Check out the Video!   Dragon Face

Now you have a chance to try Dragon Face at Gencon.  The winner of the Dragon Face contest event will win a copy of the game signed by the creator, Thierry Denoual.

Just sign up for the contest event for your chance to win

Event DateThursday August 4th 03:00 PM to 5.00 PM
Room NameHall E: Black
Table Number13–15

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