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How Will the Batman Take the DC Franchise in a New Direction?

Fans of Batman have been awaiting a Caped Crusader flick worthy of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy for almost a decade. The DC Extended Universe version of the character to date has been bitterly disappointing, but DC Films is hoping it can rectify this with The Batman. Matt Reeves is directing the new offering, and it will see a complete reimagining of the famous comic book hero once again. This title could lead the franchise in a brand-new direction and could be a fresh way to attract new fans.

The Batman is Set for 2022 Release

Fans have already been treated to a number of details about the new Batman offering, and have had a taste of what to expect from the trailer. Robert Pattinson is taking on the role of the world’s greatest detective, and the new instalment looks darker than anything that has ever come before it.

Viewers are also going to be treated to a brand-new version of the Riddler, unlike any other depiction of the character on screen. Paul Dano is playing the mysterious figure, who will be portrayed as a serial killer wreaking havoc across Gotham City. Colin Farrell was shown in the trailer, though many would say he is unrecognizable. The Irish star has bulked up in order to play the Penguin.

Reeves’ film has been pushed back a number of times and is now scheduled for a March 2022 release. The eagerly anticipated offering is slated to be the first of a new trilogy that occurs outside of the DCEU. DC Films found a workaround by saying that these films are set on Earth 2, whereas Ben Affleck’s version of the character exists in a different reality within the multiverse.

Adding to a Booming Franchise

Whenever Batman has appeared in television or film, there has always been related media in different sectors of popular culture. Indeed, the character is one of the most marketable superheroes of all time. There are already countless games to do with the character, and people who enjoy them will be hoping that there will be more to follow when the new picture is released.

Certain Batman games exist outside of the world of the films, but tend to be released alongside them as a way to attract fans of the silver screen offerings. An example of this was with the Batman: Arkham games for console. Through this, Rocksteady Studios was able to capitalize on the success of Nolan’s Batman films. The first game, Batman: Arkham Asylum, was released in 2009, one year after the immense success of The Dark Knight in 2008.

Other games have been directly related to the movie versions of Batman. This has been most commonly seen in the online slots market. As an example, at Vegasslotsonline there are numerous Batman titles that are related to different versions of the character in the film. These include Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, which were released alongside Nolan’s films. On top of those, there is also Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was released alongside the DCEU film of the same name.

The fact that there are so many games related to the different iterations of Batman over the years suggests that there could be a number of new ones released when the 2022 title drops.

Sequels and Spinoffs Will Continue Legacy for Years

It would be fair to assume that The Batman will take the franchise in a brand-new direction when it is released in 2022. As has been seen before, there will be plenty of games based on Pattinson’s showing as the character. The fact that there are sequels and spinoffs planned suggests that there will be a great deal of source material for game developers to go from.

The spinoff series is, perhaps, the most exciting piece of news. DC is aiming to mirror Marvel’s forays into expanding the universe onto the smaller screen, and will release a series on HBO Max. This will focus on the Gotham City police department and could be a gritty crime thriller. The offering may help to inspire new games as well.

Batman fans have had to wait a long time for The Batman, but every sign suggests it will be worth it. When Reeves’ offering is released next year, it could lead to a vast number of new and exciting ways to enjoy the character and the universe he operates in.

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