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Soloman Kane on VOD August 24th

Soloman Kane comes to the big screen this September, but you can see him on the little screen on August 24th via video on demand. The creation of Robert E. Howard is played by James Purefoy and also stars Max von Sydow, Mackenzie Crook and Philip Winchester.

CAPTAIN SOLOMON KANE is a brutally efficient 16th Century killing machine. Armed with his signature pistols, cutlass and rapier, he and his men unleash their bloodlust as they fight for England in war after war on all continents.

As the story opens, Kane and his band of pillagers are carving a bloody path through hordes of defenders in an exotic city in northern Africa. But, when Kane decides to attack a mysterious nearby castle to plunder its rumored riches, his mission takes a fateful turn. One by one, Kane’s men are picked off by demonic creatures until he alone is left to face the Devil’s own Reaper — dispatched from the depths of Hell to lay claim to his hopelessly corrupt soul. Though Kane at last manages to escape, he knows that he now must redeem himself by renouncing violence and devoting himself wholly to a life of peace and purity.

His newfound spirituality, however, is quickly put to the ultimate test when he begins his journey across an England ravaged by diabolical human Raiders controlled by a terrifying, masked Overlord. After Kane fails to thwart the brutal slaughter of the Crowthorns, a Puritan family that has befriended him, he vows to find and free their enslaved daughter Meredith — even if it means jeopardizing his own soul by re-embracing his murderous talents for a higher cause. His determined search eventually brings him face to face with his family’s own deadly secrets as he attempts to save Meredith and all of England from the forces of evil.

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  1. I actually caught this on Netflix (at least I think it was Netflix) a while back and have to say I was surprised it was a lot better than I’d initially expected. The special effects were a little weak in places but I thought a very nice job was done in keeping with Robert E. Howard’s overall feel of the character. All in all worth a watch in my book.

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