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Basic Fantasy RPG | Review and Page-Through

Jeff dives into one of the original fantasy retroclones

Basic Fantasy (The Basic Fantasy Project)Title: Basic Fantasy RPG 3rd Edition

Publisher: The Basic Fantasy Project

Author: Chris Gonnerman

Artists: Erik Wilson, Steve Zieser, Matt Finch, Dan Dalton, Luigi Castellani, Nick Bogan, Mike Hill, Kevin Cook, Sean Stone, Brian “Glad” Thomas, Tomas Arfert, Andy “ATOM” Taylor, Jason Braun, Martin “Wulfgarn” Siesto, Brian DeClercq, Martin Serena, Cory “Shonuff” Gelnett, and Alexander Cook

Year: 2016

Genre: Old school fantasy retro-clone

Pages: 166 pages

Price: PDF is available free at DriveThruRPG or get the softcover at cost at (currently $5.00)

I page through and review one of the original fantasy roleplaying retroclones, the Basic Fantasy RPG. Is this a perfect modern take on the original fantasy roleplaying game? Or would you be better served trying to get your Old School Renaissance fix elsewhere? You’ll find out.

3:09 Paging through and discussing Basic Fantasy
28:48 Final thoughts and review score

10 VISITORS' SCORE (2 votes)
Basic Fantasy is an excellent retroclone which incorporates modern d20 RPG mechanics with classic game elements of B/X. The corebook is jam packed with gaming goodness and, even if you have no interest in actually running the game, the bestiary section is perfect for any OSR system. Another great aspect of Basic Fantasy is the loads of free content as well as an extremely active community. Add to this the fact the PDF is absolutely free and you can score the softcover at cost. If you have any interest in the OSR, picking up Basic Fantasy is a no-brainer.
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Jeff McAleer

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