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Lex Arcana Second Edition | Review and Page-Through

Lex Arcana 2E Core Book (Acheron Games)Game Title: Lex Arcana Second Edition

Publisher: Acheron Games

Authors: Francesco Nepitello and Marco Maggi

Artists: Antonio De Luca, Francesco Mattioli, Fabio Porfidia, Alberto Besi, Alessandro Paviolo, Andrea Montalto, Daniele Solimente, Federica Constantini, Mattia Rangoni, Mauro Alocci, Michele Esposito, Mirko Failoni, Giorgio Donato, Andrea Piparo, and Michele Parisi

Year: 2020

Genre: Low magic, fantasy roleplaying game set in the Roman Empire

Pages: 304 pages

MSRP: $55.00 in hardcover or $24.99 in PDF at DriveThruRPG

I sit down to share my thoughts about the latest edition of Lex Arcana. Should all roads lead to this fantasy RPG set in a world where the Roman Empire hasn’t fallen? Or will you want to cast a hex on Lex for making you feel perplexed? You’ll find out!

1:38 Discussing, and paging through, Lex Arcana
24:48 Final thoughts and review score
28:08 Wrapping up

Jeff McAleer

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    Our Summary

    Lex Arcana Second Edition | Review and Page-Through

    There's much which has piqued my interest regarding Lex Arcana; the setting is quite unique and interesting, the adventures contained - while flawed - show a lot of promise and should be fun, and the artwork and production quality is top notch throughout. Mechanically, this should be an easy roleplaying game to grasp too. Sorry to say some of this gets seriously derailed by non-intuitive terminology, odd localization, grammatical errors, and strange adventure design decisions. The good (or great) certainly outweighs the not so hot though and I recommend picking up Lex Arcana for those with some experience with RPGs and interest in the setting.