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Pan Am | How to Play and Review

Pan Am is a nice, lighter weight game which carries a bit more strategy than you'd at first suspect. The components are nice all in all although the rules aren't as intuitive as I would have liked. Everyone I've introduced Pan Am to have really enjoyed it and the various event cards help provide a goo bit of replayablility. If you enjoy games along the lines of Ticket to Ride, then picking up Pan Am is a no-brainer.

Pan Am (Funko Games)Game Title: Pan Am

Publisher: Funko Games

Designers: Prospero Hall

Artist: Prospero Hall

Year: 2021

Genre: Light, family friendly game of international air transportation

Players: Two to four players

Ages: 12+

Playtime: Around 60 minutes

MSRP: $35.00

I share a bit of a how to play, as well as my review, for Pan Am from Funko Games. In the game players take on the leadership of rival airlines building international routes to sell to the titular airline giant. Does this light family friendly game set in the golden era or air travel take flight? Or, like its historical counterpart, does Pam Am flame out? You’ll find out.

1:02 Diving into Pan Am
28:10 Final thoughts and review score
32:34 Wrapping up

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    Our Summary

    Pan Am | How to Play and Review

    Jeff shares a bit of a how to play, as well as his review, for Pan Am from Funko Games.