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Pathfinder: Broken Tusk Moon | Review and Page-Through

Pathfinder: Broken Tusk Moon (Paizo Inc)Game Title: Pathfinder – Broken Tusk Moon (Quest for the Frozen Flame 1 out of 3)

Publisher: Paizo Inc

Authors: Ron and Stephanie Lundeen

Artists: Setiawan Lee, Vlada Hladkova, Robert Lazzaretti, Artur Nakhodkin, Ian Perks, Christoph Peters, and Luis Salas Lastra

Year: 2022

Genre: Pathfinder roleplaying adventure

Pages: 96 pages

MSRP: $24.99 in softcover or $17.99 in PDF

I share my thoughts about the first chapter in the Quest for the Frozen Flame Pathfinder adventure path, Broken Tusk Moon, from Paizo Inc. The 96 page softcover adventure available now and carries an MSRP of $24.99 or grab the PDF alone for $17.99. Is the latest Pathfinder adventure path off to a rollicking start? Or will your enthusiasm for the Frozen Flame be completely snuffed out by Broken Tusk Moon? You’ll find out!

1:03 Diving into Pathfinder: Broken Tusk Moon
13:56 Final thoughts and review score

Jeff McAleer

Our Summary

Pathfinder: Broken Tusk Moon | Review and Page-Through

A good start for the latest Pathfinder adventure path even if I'd made some wholesale changes. I feel the backstory for the magic artifact and the history of the Broken Tusks is far too convoluted so I'd trim a lot out of it. I'd also aim to make the adventure a very personal one for the players and make the fact the tribe is turning its fate over to a group of 1st level characters feel for more organic. There are plenty of good set pieces in the adventure and I like the fact that it isn't the usual "let's go save the world" sort of epic AP but one where the plyer characters are desperately trying to save their tribe.