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Fight for Racial Justice While Scoring Huge Savings in the Pathfinder Humble Bundle

Do good with the latest RPG Humble Bundle

Pathfinder Second Edition (Paizo Inc.)If you’ve been holding out on checking out the second edition of the Pathfinder RPG, from Paizo Inc, then hold out no more as the system is the focus of the newest Humble Bundle and by taking part you’ll support the fight for racial justice.

At the $5.00 level score PDF highlights such as the core rulebook, the Fall of Plaguestone adventure and Flip-mat, and eight other digital goodies.

At the $10.00 level you can grab the Lost Omens World Guide, the Pathfinder Society adventures Port Peril Pubcrawl and Trailbrazers’s Bounty, four flip-mats, and more.

For a $20.00 donation grab the first bestiary, the Lost Omens Character Guide, the Pathfinder Society adventures Flooded King’s Court and Tarnbreaker’s Trail, five mats and maps, and more.

And, finally, for $30.00 get the whole shebang plus the physical core book. You do have to pay for shipping on the book though.

These savings run through August 4th and don’t forget your purchase supports the Carl Brandon Society, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., and the National Urban League.

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