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Save Money on Games: GMT’s Fall Sale!

Right now you save huge on games over at the GMT site! When I say there are some awesome deals, I’m not kidding!

Straight from GMT, here is the breakdown on their Fall Sale:

We’re having our Fall sale earlier this year, as our November is so full that we don’t know that we could fill all of the orders by Christmas if we had the sale in November. So, from now until November 5, you can get the following deals:

  • 20% discounts to all customers with no quantity limit or

50% discounts to P500 supporters – with quantities capped by the number of P500 games they have received in 2010.

Both specials apply only to GMT titles, not those from other companies whose games we sell on our website. And both specials DO apply to games already on the “Specials” page of our website (where games are already listed at 40-60% discounts). So you can get some amazing deals on those 20+ games on the Specials page.

Note that the eligible games include games which we have shipped already or are shipping now, ending with the 8 products we are shipping currently but NOT including our next game, Labyrinth.  (You can still use a P500 order for that one, though, at roughly a 35% discount). Note that you ARE allowed to count Labyrinth, Barbarossa: Crimea, C&C Napoleonics, and The Spanish Civil War (the games we will ship in November) as games that make you eligible for the 50% discount if you have any of those games on order via P500 (or if you add an order for those now).

50% Discount to those of you who lost your jobs during the past couple of years and are recovering: We’ve been hearing from quite a few of you who are telling us that you are employed again, are beginning to recover a bit from the worst of the recession, and that some of you are even starting to buy some games again. That’s great! We’re really happy to hear that things are improving for you! We want to do all we can to help you on the game front, so we’re going to extend the 50% discount offer to you guys, too, even if you didn’t buy any P500 games this year. Specifically, if you are one of the guys that we sent free games to because you lost your job, you can use the 50% off special for purchases totaling up to $300. Eligible games are the same as noted above. We hope this will help you as you catch up a bit with your game collection.

Sale Details: 20% or 50% off on all IN-STOCK GMT (not UGG or Worthington or Consim Press) games:

       20% Discount: Everyone automatically qualifies to get a 20% discount on any quantity of In-stock games. Use Coupon Code F1020 when you checkout to get the discount.

       P500 Supporters (or guys who lost your jobs and are recovering) 50% Discount: For every game that you received via P500 this year from the list below, you may buy ONE in-stock game at a 50% discount. So if you received four games from the list below via P500 ordering this year, you could buy four in-stock games at 50% off. The only limit here is how many games you received by P500 order in 2010. To get this discount, use the F1050 discount code when you check out instead of the 20% code). If you happen to be buying some games at 50% and others at 20%, please put them on separate orders so our online cart system doesn’t go crazy on us! Thanks!  

2010 Releases that Qualify You for the 50% off Special if you Ordered them via P500:

  • Chariots of Fire
  • Combat Commander Battle Pack #3: Normandy
  • Dominant Species
  • Flying Colors – Reprint Edition
  • Germantown
  • Here I Stand – Reprint Edition
  • Leaping Lemmings
  • Manoeuvre – Reprint Edition
  • Normandy ’44
  • Nothing Gained But Glory
  • Paths of Glory – Reprint Edition
  • Pensacola
  • Serpents of the Seas
  • Stalin’s War
  • Sword of Rome – Reprint Edition
  • Washington’s War
  • Wilderness War – Reprint

Please remember that you absolutely CAN use the games on the Specials page as part of these 50% off orders if you wish, thereby creating HUGE discounts on some great games!

PLEASE!!!!!!  Please help out our office ladies by using the correct discount codes. THANKS!

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