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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

1989 Dawn of Freedom

1989: Dawn of Freedom (GMT Games)
Our friends at GMT will be hosting a live demo of one of my favorite games this year, 1989: Dawn of Freedom on Monday June 11th. If you've been wondering how 1989 is different than Twilight Struggle or what mechanics it shares with our top rated game, you'll want to tune in and find out!From GMT…
Virgin Queen
Two titles gamers have been anxiously awaiting from our friends at GMT should be arriving on store shelves any day now. 1989: Dawn of Freedom and Virgin Queen are about to hit and if you need anymore incentive to grab a copy of 1989 all you need do is read my review here or listen to more coverage o…
1989: Dawn of Freedom (GMT Games)
Our latest contest has come to a close and it was pretty simple this time around: "like" us on Facebook and have a chance to win the newest title from GMT, 1989: Dawn of Freedom.So without further adieu out of 210 contestants, Don Cooper from New York state is our winner! No word yet if he works…
1989: Dawn of Freedom (GMT Games)
Jeff reviews the new geopolitical game 1989: Dawn of Freedom from GMT Games.…
Lot's of gaming goodness once again as Elliott reviews Oz Fluxx from Looney Labs and Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City from Greater Than Games while Jeff reviews Washington's Crossing from Revolution Games and 1989: Dawn of Freedom from GMT.Elliott also discusses his visit to the Chicago Co…
1989 Box Art
Now through April 30th simply "like" The Gaming Gang on Facebook and have a chance to score a copy of 1989: Dawn of Freedom, coming soon from our friends at GMT. 1989 is a game that is really on Elliott's and my radar as it's designed along the lines of our favorite game, Twilight Struggle! It even …
GMT Games is in final development for 1989 Dawn of Freedom. This game is about the collapse of the Soviet Empire with mechanics similar to Twilight Struggle, but rumored to be even better.…

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