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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Jeff kicks back and shares some trivia and memories about the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook.…
Old School AD&D Monster Manual
Jeff kicks back and shares some trivia and memories about the AD&D Monster Manual. Take a peek at a real classic from 1977!…
Fans of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons should take a peak at the online e-zine & Magazine for in depth articles delving into the venerable RPG classic. The latest 92 page issue is the Winter 2013 edition and includes looks at the Archer class, elementals, saving throws and more! Remember & …
Wizards of the Coast continues with their line of premium hardcover reissues this month with Against the Slave Lords, for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. The tome will collect all four of the classic A series of modules as well as an all new adventure for beginning characters to get the action roll…
A blast from the past sure to please longtime fans of D&D as well as those new to the hobby.…
We were expecting the release of the the special memorial editions of the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons this month but Wizards of the Coast have announced a delay until July 17th. The premium editions are reproductions of the original hardcover books and include the Players Handbook ($34.…

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