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Bolt Action

Bolt Action (Warlord Games)
Jeff dives into the WWII skirmish level miniatures rules Bolt Action from Warlord Games.…
The latest Bolt Action 28mm WWII vehicle is hitting stores from Warlord Games and this time around it's the U.S. M16 MGMC anti-aircraft halftrack. The model is currently available and carries an MSRP of $32.00 or $86.00 if purchased in a platoon of three.From Warlord:Sensitively nicknamed ‘T…
Bolt Action Rules
Warlord Games has great news for folks who preordered the Bolt Action rule book to go along with their award winning series of WWII miniatures… And this is something you don’t hear from game companies too often…Bolt Action pre-orders shipped early! Woot! I have my copy right here and it's an exc…
WWII miniature gamers will be pleased to hear Warlord Games is releasing a 28mm scale German Flakpanzer V ‘Coelian’ for your gaming table. Of course the new anti-aircraft tank can be used in your games of the award winning Bolt Action or any other WWII skirmish system you may prefer. The Flakpanzer …
One miniatures company I was looking to learn more about is Warlord Games, as I tend to post news pieces from them whenever I run across them. So I was pleasantly surprised to find Warlord was exhibiting at ConsimWorld Expo. I took the opportunity to sit down with Mike Majors as we talk all things W…

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