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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access


The 30th Anniversary Edition of Call of Cthulhu the classic Role Playing Game is in stores now, or you can order it directly. You'd better act fast, they expect to be sold out by the end of August.…
It took a while but it's time for a new episode with reviews of The Golden City from Z-Man Games and Final Frontier from Victory Point Games.David Brashaw and Leonard Boyd visit, from across the pond with Elliott to discuss designing the upcoming Discworld themed Z-Man release, Guards! Guards! …
Wow! Has it been 30 years already? Time sure flies when you're having fun. It seems as if it were only yesterday when I was standing in the middle of the long defunct The Sutler's Wagon (which used to be located on Central Avenue just off of Belmont in Chicago) with money burning a hole in my pocket…
I still remember the first time I held Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game in my trembling hands. Alright, I’ll be honest, my hands weren’t really trembling. They weren’t trembling because at that moment, back in 1981, I had no idea of what in the world Cthulhu could be or who H.P. Lovecraft…

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