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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Cruel Necessity

Jeff chats with his friend, designer John Welch, as they discuss a variety of topics including upcoming deluxe editions of his wargames.…
Cruel Necessity (Victory Point Games)
Our friends at Victory Point Games are currently running their annual Summer Sale and the time is ripe to save 10% on any of their titles through July 14th.…
Cruel Necessity (Victory Point Games)
Jeff reviews the English Civil Wars game from designer John Welch, Cruel Necessity.…
Everyone knows if anyone from Victory Point Games can be found in a one mile radius of me I'll be sitting down for a chat. At the GAMA Trade Show I was able to kick it with a couple of new faces (or at least new to me) from VPG and talked with Josh Neiman and Barry Pike about the amazing changes at …
On this edition I see what you'll find in Cruel Necessity, from Victory Point Games, designed by my pal John Welch. The solitaire title allows the player to fight any of the three English Civil Wars or tie them all together in a grand campaign.Stay tuned as I'll have a full review shortly!…
Cruel Necessity (Victory Point Games)
From now until midnight EST January 2nd save 15% on all titles at Victory Point Games, so if you haven't grabbed up a copy of Dawn of the Zeds or Cruel Necessity you can grab one, both, or any number of other great titles for less green. Friends of TGG can save an extra 5% (alongside the 10% discoun…
On a very special holiday edition of TGG (although not nearly as very special as an episode of Blossom...), my good pal game designer John Welch stops by to discuss his latest title Cruel Necessity and other games he has in the works. I also review Cheaty Mages from AEG, Moonbase Alpha from Victory …
Cruel Necessity (Victory Point Games)
Victory Point Games (and my personal pal John Welch) have the latest States of Siege game available for order and its title is Cruel Necessity. This solitaire game puts the player in the role of leading the English Parliament in a struggle to survive the enemies of the state who are hell bent on dis…

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