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    G.I. Combat Against Dinosaurs Next Month from DC

    Back in the 1960’s DC Comics ran a title called The War that Time Forgot. The story of a group of American soldiers stranded on an uncharted desert island in the Pacific during World War II. The title ran for 8 years, and then made a brief appearance in 2008.…

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    The Joker’s April Fool’s Day Sale

    What better way to celebrate April Fool’s day that with the Joker? DC Comics is having a three day sale on digital comics featuring the infamous Joker. The sale runs through Monday April 2nd. Why so serious? This April Fool’s Day, DC Digital Comics is offering a special sale on…

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    You Can Buy the Check Which Bought Superman

    Up for auction at ComicConnect is the actual check made out to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster to purchase Superman all the way back in 1938. At the time DC Comics was Detective Comics and, I can’t say the check is for the rights to the character or simply for working…

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    Before Watchmen Covers from DC

    There’s been some controversy behind the upcoming DC Comics Before Watchmen prequels (mainly on original creator Alan Moore’s end) but I thought I’d share the previews of the seven covers commissioned while we wait for the miniseries to begin June 6th.

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    Warner Bros. Continues to Battle Over Superman

    In what seems to be a never ending round robin of Warner Brothers Studio trying to screw the families of Superman creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, a new brief has been filed last Friday before the 9th Court of Appeals. The brief asks the Court to reverse portions of…

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    Star Trek Legion of Superheroes Finale On Sale Now

    The final issue to the series that crossed time, space, and franchises hit the street on March 21st. Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #6 brings a dramatic ending to the crossover from IDW Publishing and DC Comics. It’s all been building up to this. Captain Kirk, Cosmic Boy, and the rest…

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    Holy Arena Shows Batman! Batman Live Hitting the U.S.

    What’s that? You say you need more Batman? If the comics, movies, or animated series simply aren’t enough then you may be interested in checking out Batman Live! The show that has wowed audiences throughout Europe and Latin America will soon make it’s way to the Caped Crusader’s country of…

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