Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tag: Family Fun Zone


A Kick Here, A Karate Chop There: ‘Shadow Strike: Melee’ Reviewed

The premise of Shadow Strike: Melee is each of the players is a student at a ninja school and everyone is aiming to pass their final exam: a ninja class free for all brawl.

Outside the Box: ‘Kaiju Crush’ from Fireside Games

Another new title has arrived from our friends at Fireside Games, so join Jeff as he looks at Kaiju Crush.

English Edition of ‘The Quest for El Dorado’ Coming in October

The English language edition of the deck building board game The Quest for El Donado will arrive on U.S. shores this October.

Knock It Out of the Park as ‘Bottom of the 9th’...

Just in time for the final stretch run in the MLB pennant races, Handelabra Games and Greater Than Games have teamed up to bring the hit table top game Bottom of the 9th to Android and iOS.

Slip Sliding Away: ‘Ice Cool’ Reviewed

Ice Cool is a dexterity game where each player has a bottom weighted penguin which they'll attempt to flick around a frozen high school.

Outside the Box: ‘Ice Cool’ from Brain Games

Jeff shows you what's included in the hit dexterity "flicking" game Ice Cool from Brain Games.

New RPG ‘Pugmire’ Promises a Barking Good Time

In the world of Pugmire, the rule of man has ended and humanity's best friend has replaced us in the food chain while learning to communicate and use tools.

Gen Con 50: TGG Visits Brain Games and Brandan Parsons

Jeff stops by the Brain Games booth to talk with Brandan Parsons about the multi-award winning Ice Cool as well as three new kids games.

Mattel Takes Aim at Strategy Gamers with ‘Wizard’s Wanted’

Mattel is about to focus more on the strategy gaming market and their first release for the genre is Wizards Wanted.

Gen Con 50: TGG Visits Sara Erickson and Renegade Game Studios

Sara Erickson once again kids around with Jeff as she takes time away from a jam packed booth area to discuss a slew of Renegade Game Studios recent and upcoming releases.