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    What Is the Most Popular Online Game: Statistics

    Gaming is a hobby for some while a job for others. Many people play games online to spend their time and enjoy themselves as well.

  • Comic Books

    DC Comics for April 21st, 2021

    DC launches Batman/Fortnite Zero Point as Batman Vs Ra's Al Ghul wraps this week and new Catwoman, The Flash, and Nightwing hit the scene.

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    Upcoming Real Money Games For 2020

    eSports is one of the fastest-growing industries that involves incredible and interactive games released every year. Just like every year, the world is waiting to witness fascinating games in 2020 as well. There will be upgrades for existing games as well as new ones that will join the race. Through…

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    How Has Gaming Helped Us to Socialize?

    A mere 10 years ago, gaming was seen as a solitary pursuit. Indeed, games were invented for players to switch off from the world and fall into action and adventure, warfare and mystery as they lost themselves across platforms and worlds. But, given how interconnected the rest of the world…

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    Fortnite World Cup Set To Give All Players a Shot at Glory

    Epic Games have announced that the inaugural Fortnite World Cup will take place towards the end of 2019, with a protracted qualification process giving players of varying experience and aptitude the chance to progress. This announcement is an inevitable step considering the breakout success of Fortnite in the past couple…

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