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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Friedemann Friese

Full Throttle! (Rio Grande Games)
Full Throttle! is a family friendly moped racing game, for up to six players, from Friedemann Friese and Rio Grande Games.…
Free Ride (Rio Grande Games)
In Free Ride, players will build rail networks connecting cities all across across Europe, earning them cash and prestige.…
Fast Sloths (Stronghold Games)
In Fast Sloths, players will race to use various animals to pick up and deliver the aforementioned sloths - who just happen to be on vacation.…
Fire! (Stronghold Games)
In Fire!, a retro 1980's arcade game inspired release, the players will attempt to fight off a number of ever more challenging waves of alien attackers.…
504 (Stronghold Games)
Stronghold Games has announced the upcoming release of their second entry in their Great Designer's Series. Designed by Friedemann Friese, 504 is a modular game where the players decide exactly what sort of play experience they'd like.…
Black Friday (Rio Grande Games)
Jeff shares his thoughts about the economic board game Black Friday.…
Foxmind Games has announced that the well received Euro, Fauna, is going to now be available for those of us who read and speak the Queen's English. It seems as if everyone else around the world has had a shot at playing and now it's our turn!From Foxmind:Nominated for the Spiel des Jahres (…
black friday
Black Friday from Friedemann Friese is a game of stocks and trading.…

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