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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Glynn Seal

Halls of the Blood King (Necrotic Gnome)
Ronald shares his review of the Old School Essentials adventure Halls of the Blood King.…
Jeff shares his thoughts and pages through the Folk Magic of the Haven Ilses supplement, for The Midderlands, from MonkeyBlood Design and Publishing.…
Folk Magic of the Haven Isles Interiors(MonkeyBlood Design and Publishing)
Folk Magic of the Haven Isles provides new magic user subclasses, backgrounds, spellbooks, spells, and more for nearly any fantasy roleplaying game.…
Jeff pages through and shares his thoughts about the fantasy OSR roleplaying setting books The Midderlands and The Midderlands Expanded from MonkeyBlood Design.…
Jeff takes a first look and pages through The Midderlands OSR fantasy setting from MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing. Get a peek at everything you'll find in the Watcher from the Shore bundle.…

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