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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Jason Bulmahn

Pathfinder Crown of the Kobold King Review
Jeff shares his thoughts about the anniversary edition of the Crown of the Kobold King adventure, for Pathfinder, from Paizo Inc.…
Pathfinder Book of the Dead First Look
Jeff takes a look at the upcoming Pathfinder: Book of the Dead from Paizo Inc. The volume contains undead play options, a bestiary, an adventure, and lots more.…
Pathfinder: Sundered Waves (Paizo Inc)
Pathfinder: Sundered Waves, written by Jason Bulmahn, takes the characters down a trail toward hidden pirate treasure.…
Pathfinder 2E Beginner Box Review
Jeff reviews the highly anticipated Pathfinder 2E Beginner Box, available now from Paizo Inc.…
The Fall of Plaguestone (Paizo Inc)
Sami reviews the first standalone adventure for Pathfinder second edition, The Fall of Plaguestone, from Paizo Inc.…

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