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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Keep up the Fire!

Jeff chats with his friend, designer John Welch, as they discuss a variety of topics including upcoming deluxe editions of his wargames.…
Keep Up the Fire! Deluxe Edition (Worthington Publishing)
Keep Up the Fire! is set during the Boxer Rebellion as the player must hold out with the besieged Foreign Legations until a relief column arrives.…
The Gaming Gang Dispatch shares news from Monte Cook Games, AEG, Worthington Publishing, Iello Games, Free League Publishing, and more.…
Elliott and Jeff are back with reviews of Conquest of Nerath from Wizards of the Coast, Keep Up the Fire from Victory Point Games, and a double dip of gaming goodness from GMT - Space Empires 4X and Sun of York.There's plenty of news and opinion as well as the announcement of the winner of the…
Keep Up the Fire! (Victory Point Games)
Jeff reviews the latest States of Siege wargame series release, Keep Up the Fire! from Victory Point Games.…
Brought to you by designer John Welch, the solitaire States of Siege game, Keep Up The Fire!, is now available from Victory Point Games!The game is a race against time as the Chinese forces besieging the Legation Compound are attacking relentlessly while the Relief Column battles its way to the …
Our friends over at Victory Point Games are gearing up for their annual appearance at ConSimWorld Expo, to be held in Tempe, AZ in early June. This time of year is huge for VPG as they do their utmost to debut as many new titles as possible. This means there’s a dire need for playtesters to help ens…

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