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Amethyst 5E Kickstarter

Kenzer & Company

Jeff takes a first look at the Players Handbook for Castles & Crusades from Troll Lord Games. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news.…
Bundle of Holding is currently offering a money saving deal on the Old West roleplaying game Aces & Eights from Kenzer & Company.…
HackMaster Player's Handbook (Kenzer & Company)
If you've ever been interested in checking out the Kenzer & Company old school fantasy RPG HackMaster 5th Edition now's the time to do so and save a bunch of dough.…
Kenzer & Company is taking their RPG independence seriously with the release of the Hacklopedia of Beasts for the Hackmaster system. No longer a supplementary D&D product, Hackmaster is a stand along rules set and the Hacklopedia shares over one hundred and seventy monsters to add to your ad…
The new HackMaster Hacklopedia of Beasts is coming soon from Kenzer & Company. We got a look at a preview of this beautiful book at Origins, and it really is a stunning book.…
The new Hackmaster Hacklopedia of Beasts is about to make its way to store shelves and Kenzer & Company is sharing a preview of one of the horrific beasts to be included in the 384 page tome. Take a look at the terrifying Owlbeast!…

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