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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Lance McMillan

Victory Point Games has a follow up to Lance McMillian's Star Borders: Humanity now available and it adds two new factions to the system. Star Borders: Aliens introduces the "Bugs" and the "'Bots" as they battle over a remote section of the galaxy. SB: Aliens can be had right now for an MSRP of…
I pop the box to see what you'll find in the all new edition of Star Borders Volume One: Humanity from Victory Point Games. Star Borders Humanity is fast paced two player science fiction game, designed by Lance McMillan, with a nice handful of interesting twists.…
The latest wargame release from Victory Point Games is Danube 20, featuring the battles of Aspern-Essling and Wagram, and we've even got a 'Peek and Play" segment below from VPG - featuring our pal Lance McMillan - to give you a better idea of what's in store for you when you place your order.Fr…
Our pal John Kranz is always expanding the coverage of the wargaming hobby over at ConSimWorld and he's announced a new webinar series which launches Wednesday. The first in the new series also just happens to feature a great friend and supporter of The Gaming Gang, Alan Emrich of Victory Point Game…
While many of us were enjoying our Thanksgiving dinner, the folks at Victory Point Games were hard at work releasing their 100th title: Leipzig 20 from designer Lance McMillan. This just might be the largest game ever published by VPG as the Four Allies look to take down Napoleon’s Grande Armée upon…
In a special edition of the podcast, Jeff talks with the gang from Victory Point Games at last weekend's ConSimWorld Expo 2011.Join Terry Coleman, Hermann Luttman, John Welch, Steve Carey, and Alan Emrich as each sits down with Jeff to discuss various aspects of VPG as well as their own personal…
Jeff shares his take on the science fiction wargame Star Borders: Humanity from Victory Point Games.…

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