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Classic Dungeons & Dragons at Dungeon Masters Guild
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Magic the Gathering

Angus Walker, from Hasbro, took some time out at the Gen Con Magic area to talk about the new Wizards of the Coast strategy game based on the immensely popular CCG.…
Magic Modern Masters Weekend (Wizards of the Coast)
The biggest Magic: The Gathering competition ever will kick off later this month as thousands upon thousands of gamers will face off around the globe in celebration of the second Modern Masters release.…
Magic: The Gathering - Arena of the Planeswalkers (Wizards of the Coast)
Wizards of the Coast has released more information regarding the upcoming tactical board game set in the realm of Magic: The Gathering. Arena of the Planeswalkers will pit two to five players in battle where M:TG cards aren't utilized but core card abilities like First Strike, Flying, Deathtouch, an…
Magic Origins (Wizards of the Coast)
A new card set for Magic: The Gathering is arriving this July from Wizards of the Coast and this one seems to hold a twist. Magic Origins will focus on five of the most popular planeswalkers in the setting with an aim at telling a story within the gameplay itself.…
2. Card Zoom in the Collection Screen
Wizards of the Coast continues to improve the experience of playing digital Magic: The Gathering and the latest trailer for the upcoming 2015 edition of Duels of the Planeswalkers has arrived.From WotC:Kicking off E3, Wizards of the Coast has just released a brand-new gameplay trailer for Ma…
MTG Waste Not 2015
Wizards of the Coast has revealed a new look for the upcoming Magic: The Gathering 2015 Core set. All cards will contain a solid back border which will include a new oval foil stamp. The indication is the new bordering will prevent wrong cards accidentally being packaged in boosters.Here's the l…
M: TG Holiday Gift Box
Just in time for future stocking stuffing, Wizards of the Coast has released the Magic: The Gathering Holiday Gift Box loaded with goodies for M:TG players. Granted, I doubt if diehards will want to wait until after the holidays to dig in but for family and friends, into the CCG giant, the box shoul…
MTG Commander 2013
Folks who love the free for all aspect of the Commander style of playing Magic: The Gathering should be pleased to know the five new decks tailored to whooping it up in multi-player are now on store shelves starting today. The Commander Decks each contain 100 cards and carry an MSRP of $29.99.Fr…
Wizards of the Coast announced the latest edition of the digital version of Magic: The Gathering launched today for PlayStation Network, iPad and, for the first time ever, on Android platforms. The game will also premiere on Xbox Live and PC tomorrow. The time is now to jump on board and take your M…
I bring along Chris Ayala's review of Quarriors from WizKids as well as the latest news from HerUniverse, Magic: The Gathering, DriveThruCards, Victory Point Games and more!…
On Monday, Hasbro revealed their first quarter financial results showing sales of game products played a major factor in the company’s overall positive performance. Hasbro’s net revenue was up 2 percent over the first quarter of last year, growing to $664 million. Overall operating profit was up 47 …
Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour - Dragon’s Maze
If you're looking to get your Magic: The Gathering fix while seeing how the pros approach the game you'll be interested in watching the live stream of the Dragon's Maze tourney. Beginning March 17th you'll be able to follow lots of M:TG action (or as much action as you could expect watching people p…
MTG Dragon Maze
May 3rd will see the release of the third and final Return to Ravnica set for Magic the Gathering, Dragon's Maze. Checking in at 156 cards, this set is smaller than the first two releases but will contain cards for all ten Ravnica guilds. The guilds battling over control of the city are introduced, …
A new novella emerges in the Multiverse, and you can get it right now!Return to Ravnica: The Secretist, Part OneA Planeswalker NovellaJace Beleren has the power to travel between planes of the Multiverse, but with this gift comes isolation. He is one in a million. He is a planeswalker. …
Wizards of the Coast have announced the first expansion pack for the 2013 edition of Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers. Plenty of new cards make an appearance for the online edition of the world's most popular CCG. The deck pack is currently available for $2.99.From Wizards of the …
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