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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Mutant Chronicles

Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel (Modiphius Entertainment)
Modiphius Entertainment has released a new supplement for the Mutant Chronicles roleplaying game, Siege of the Citadel.…
Jeff peeks at Ubersreik Adventures Volume II for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news of the day.…
Mutant Chronicles: Dark Eden Campaign (Modiphius Entertainment)
Modiphius Entertainment has announced the release of a final campaign for Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition.…
Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel Components (Modiphius Entertainment)
A classic board game of the past is set for a 21st Century revamp by way of Modiphius Entertainment.…
Mutant Chronicles White Star (Modiphius Entertainment)
Modiphius Entertainment is releasing the latest source book for the hit RPG Mutant Chronicles today.…
Mutant Chronicles Dark Symmetry Core Book (Modiphius Entertainment)
The classic RPG setting of The Mutant Chronicles has returned to print and PDF by way of Modiphius Entertainment. The updated and revamped third edition is hitting the scene with the Dark Symmetry Core Book as well as a Player's Guide.…
One of the hottest projects burning up Kickstarter right now is the new edition of Mutant Chronicles, coming from Modiphius Entertainment, and it was announced earlier today award winning designer Jay Little is joining the development team.From Modiphius:Modiphius Entertainment has scored a …
One of the more popular Swedish game designs in memory was the Mutant Chronicles system. The Target Games RPG was pretty popular and even inspired a miniatures game and, believe it or not, a movie loosely based on the title's post-apocalyptic setting. Target disappeared from the scene and even with …
Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they are offering over 150 items on sale for their annual holiday sale, now through December 6th! Here’s the complete list but some items really jump out such as Age of Conan for $25.00, Android also for $25.00 (check out Elliott’s review), Beowulf, the Legend…

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