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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Pathfinder Battles

Pathfinder Battles: Jabberwock (Paizo Inc/WizKids)
Rather than hitting stores in April Pathfinder Battles: Darklands Rising will be available months earlier, in January.…
Jeff shares tabletop gaming news from Ankama Games, Bundle of Holding, Skybound Games, PEG Inc, WizKids, Paizo Inc, Free League Publishing, and more!…
WizKids and Paizo Inc have released the latest series of Pathfinder Battles pre-painted miniatures. City of Lost Omens and more.…
This July will see Paizo Inc and WizKids team for another wave of Pathfinder Battles pre-painted miniatures inspired by the Agents of Edgewatch adventure.…
Pathfinder Battles: Kingmaker Booster (Paizo/WizKids)
Kingmaker features 44 unique miniatures which will be a perfect fit for just about any fantasy game.…
Jungle of Despair Hydra (WizKids)
WizKids has their latest wave of cool looking pre-painted miniatures hitting your FLGS next month.…
Jeff swings by the WizKids booth to speak with Scott D'Agostino about the slew of great games and minis just released or on the horizon.…
Four major 2014 releases have been announced for Pathfinder from Paizo Publishing. Next year will see three releases for the roleplaying game as well as a large update to the Pathfinder Battles Miniatures Game.February will bring the first of a series of monthly releases focusing on groups of to…

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