• Miscellany

    One Week Left to Bid for a Walk On Role for We’re Alive

    You would have to live under a rock, or in reality just starting to visit the site or listen to our show, to not know that the podcast We’re Alive – a Story of Survival is one of Elliott and my favorites. We know we’re not alone in our appreciation…

  • Notes

    The TGG Show Hits the Internet Waves!

    So we took our first shot at a gaming podcast. Yes, yes, yet another podcast about gaming! We know, not the most original idea floating around out there and we certainly aren’t going to come across as experts in the hobby, but we set out to have some fun in…

  • Notes

    Podcast Delayed Until This Weekend

    Unfortunately I had an issue with my microphone that I wasn’t aware of so, after Elliott and I recorded our initial podcast and I was beginning to work on the finished product, I found that there was a metalic reverb taking place everytime I said something. Looks like my mic didn’t…

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