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    Celebrating 25 Years of Terror: Masks of Nyarlathotep Returns

    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its release Chaosium is bringing a new printing of the classic Call of Cthulhu campaign, Masks of Nyarlathotep, to store shelves. I personally believe that this is the greatest RPG campaign ever written and, even though we don’t cover role playing games much here…

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    Gaming Classics: Call of Cthulhu

    I still remember the first time I held Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game in my trembling hands. Alright, I’ll be honest, my hands weren’t really trembling. They weren’t trembling because at that moment, back in 1981, I had no idea of what in the world Cthulhu could be or…

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    AEG’s Imperial Histories Contest for L5R

    Although we haven't really covered RPGs here on TGG (we will, along with miniature games to a small extent in the near future) but I wanted to share a news release Todd Rowland, the Senior Brand Manager over at Alderac Entertainment Group, sent along to me earlier this morning. If…

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