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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

So You Want to be a Gamemaster

Jeff shares some tips to make your task as a gamemaster not only easier but more fun. This time out, a few thoughts about gaming at the table.…
Jeff talks about a few things to look for, and focus on, when you're choosing your very first roleplaying adventure to run for your group.…
Jeff shares some thoughts about preparing for your first roleplaying game session zero; sitting down to create the player characters.…
Jeff shares some thoughts on laying down simple gamemaster ground rules about table etiquette and behavior for your roleplaying group.…
As you move closer to your first gaming session as a Gamemaster, Jeff discusses the importance of having a grasp of the rules for the RPG you'll be running.…
Jeff shares his thoughts regarding four things new/newer gamemasters should consider when selecting a roleplaying game to run for their group.…

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