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Amethyst 5E Kickstarter

TC Tennis

I asked designer Terry Coleman about this in our interview at this past Spring's CSWE, and it looks like the female greats of tennis will now get their due in the first expansion to TC Tennis.From Victory Point Games:From VPG's first successful sports game, TC Tennis, designer Terry Coleman …
The boys are back (after a week's delay) and they have a super huge, jumbo edition of the show with reviews of TC Tennis from Victory Point Games, Nightfall from AEG, and Paths of Glory from GMT.AEG's very own Todd Rowland joins Jeff to talk all things Alderac Entertainment including Nightfall, …
A look at some of the latest gaming news as well as reviews of Chaos Isle from RealmsMasters Gameforge, Sid Meier's Civilization from Fantasy Flight Games, and The Spanish Civil War from GMT.The boys also introduce their newest segment, "Quick Hits" with their first impressions of LeCardo, Night…
As we mentioned in our last show, Victory Point Games is jumping into the sports game arena with TC Tennis! Obviously the "TC" stands for designer Terry Coleman. From what I've seen of the components it looks like an interesting title with more strategic planning paving the way to victory as opposed…
Let's just pick up right where we left off yesterday as I was talking with Alan Emrich, the man behind Victory Point Games!…

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