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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

World of Aetaltis

Aetaltis: The Forgotten Gate (Mechanical Muse)
The World of Aetaltis roleplaying game has a new adventure out in print and PDF from Mechanical Muse.…
World of Aetaltis Player's Guide (Mechanical Muse)
The World of Aetaltis is a new campaign setting for 5E that modifies the core rules extensively in a few areas to capture the feel of the new setting.…
World of Aetaltis Art
World of Aetaltis looks to be a high fantasy 5E setting which embraces the heroic adventuring of yesteryear while being geared toward modern players.…
TGG Dispatch 699
Jeff takes a peek at two games coming to Kickstarter from Daily Magic Games; Dice Kingdoms of Valeria and Thrones of Valeria. Plus the latest gaming news.…

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