Saturday, August 19, 2017

Family Fun Zone

‘Nightmare Forest: Alien Invasion’ Rockets Past Halfway Point of Kickstarter Goal...

This new title happens to be the followup to Nightmare Forest: Dead Run and this time the players will cooperate together in order to defeat the expeditionary elements of an invasion from outer space.

A Not So Abominable Snowman: ‘Yeti’ Reviewed

The folks at AEG continue to release lighter, family friendly fare and now they've brought the Eurogame Yeti to North America.

Outside the Box: ‘Cauldron Quest’ from Peaceable Kingdom

Jeff takes a quick look at what you'll find when you crack open the box to Cauldron Quest from Peaceable Kingdom.

Outside the Box: ‘Race to the Treasure’ from Peaceable Kingdom

Jeff looks at the children's game Race for the Treasure, from Peaceable Kingdom. Young players cooperate to gather three keys and reach the treasure chest before an orge can make off with the spoils.

Dishing Dice at Devil’s Burden: ‘Fantahzee: Hordes and Heroes’ Reviewed

Essentially Fantahzee is a touch of a fantasy take on the dice game Yahtzee. Obviously, not coming as much of a shock there considering the game's title.

Exterminate! Exterminate!: ‘Doctor Who – Dalek Dice’ Reviewed

Fans of Doctor Who have no doubt been keeping their eyes peeled for Cubicle 7's Dalek Dice to arrive and, now that the game is available, no doubt wondering if this is worth picking up or simply the sort of licensed property cash grab that has become all to common in geekdom.

Outside the Box: ‘Doctor Who – Dalek Dice’ from Cubicle 7...

Jeff looks at the Doctor Who themed "push your luck" dice game from Cubicle 7 Entertainment. In Dalek Dice, players compete to exterminate as many humans as they can before the Doctor can foil their plans.

‘Robots Love Ice Cream: The Card Game’ Up on Kickstarter

The popular Robots Love Ice Cream is about to make the jump from mobile devices to the table top. 25th Century Games has launched a Kickstarter to create a set collecting card game for one to four players, ages eight and up.

Outside the Box: ‘Yeti’ from AEG

Jeff looks at the new tactical dice game from AEG. In Yeti, two to five players complete to track down the elusive creature.

Track the Mysterious ‘Yeti’ in AEG’s Upcoming Release

AEG is bringing a new tactical, dice rolling game to the English speaking masses with Yeti. Two to five players will do their best to ascend the Himalayas in order to be the first to catch a glimpse of the mysterious creature of lore.

‘Adventure Time Card Wars Doubles Tournament Game’ Now Available

Cryptozoic Entertainment has released the Adventure Time Card Wars Doubles Tournament Game. The new title now allows four players to engage in all the fun of Adventure Time Card Wars.

Final Hours to Back ‘The Lords of Rock’ on Kickstarter

There are fewer than 48 hours left to back the latest Solarflare Games project, The Lords of Rock.

Hand Me a Spanner: ‘Dastardly Dirigibles’ Reviewed

Fireside Games latest release is one firmly aimed at the family gaming crowd who don’t mind a bit of competition and players casting monkey wrenches - or spanners - into plans.

‘Roll For It!’ Rolls Into Target Stores

Calliope Games has revealed their fast playing, dice chucking game Roll For It! is currently available at Target stores.
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