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Dragonlance at Dungeon Masters Guild
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Comic Books

Doctor Strange 1 feat
Doctor Strange launches for Marvel Comics as Tiger Division concludes, the Women of Marvel hits, and fresh issues of The Amazing Spider-Man and Wasp arrive. …
Swamp Thing Green Hell 3 feat
Harley Quinn: The Animated Series Legion of Bats and Swamp Thing: Green Hell wrap for DC Comics alongside new issues of The Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman.…
Belle from Beyond 1 feat
This week sees the latest issue of Phoenix Files and the Belle From Beyond one-shot from Zenescope Entertainment.…
Dead Romans 1 feat
Image Comics launches Dead Romans this week as Inferno Girl: Red Book One concludes and new Plush, Torrent, and Vanish arrive at your FLCS.…
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 138 feat
This week IDW Publishing reveals new issues of Earthdivers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as the Godzilla: Best of King Ghidorah one-shot.…
Red Sonja Hell Sonja 4 feat
This week Dynamite Entertainment rolls out fresh issues of Gargoyles, Lord of the Jungle, Red Sonja Hell Sonja, and Vampirella Strikes.…
Order and Outrage 1 feat
Order & Outrage premieres and Groo: Gods Against Groo concludes for Dark Horse this week as the latest issue of Blue Book hits shops.…
Neighbors 1 feat
This week The Neighbors premieres for Boom! Studios as Damn Them All wraps and more Dune: House Harkonnen, Grim, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers arrive.…
Hellcat 1 feat
This week sees Hellcat and X-Cellent launch for Marvel Comics as Gold Goblin and Secret Invasion draw to conclusions.…
Superman Lost 1 feat
This week sees Lazarus Planet: Revenge of the Gods, Multiversity: Harley Screws Up The DCU, and Superman Lost premiere for DC Comics.…
Art Brut 4 feat
The Forged and No One launch for Image Comics this week as fresh issues of I Hate Fairyland, Little Monsters, and Time Before Time land on shop shelves.…
Star Trek Defiant 1 feat
This week brings the premiere of Star Trek: Defiance plus new issues of Star Trek, Star Trek: Resurgence, and TMNT: The Armageddon Game from IDW Publishing.…
Draculina Blood Simple 2 feat
This week brings more Darkwing Duck, Draculina: Blood Simple, and Lord of the Jungle from Dynamite Entertainment.…
Spy Superb 3 feat
Spy Superb wraps for Dark Horse this week as new Masters of the Universe: Masterverse, Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures, and White Savior hit shops.…
BRZRKR 12 feat
This week sees the Boom! Studios conclusion of BRZRKR as new issues of Behold Behemoth, Harrower, and House of Slaughter hit comic shops.…

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