Friday, March 23, 2018

Cool Stuff

Tomb Raider – The Most Successful Multimedia Product of All Time?

With the newest film, starring Alicia Vikander just released, let’s take a look back at a brief history of Tomb Raider.

Download the Newest Issue of ‘Figure Painter Magazine’

Miniatures gamers and painters who are looking for tips and tricks, and maybe a little inspiration, will want to check out the latest issue of Figure Painter Magazine.

Why Is The Gaming Industry So Successful?

The very element about the gaming industry that sets it apart from other fun-loving industries and enterprises lies in the fact that within the gaming industry, consumers are able to take the product on offer, utilize the product and gain some real-time buyer satisfaction

Here’s How to Improve Your Gaming Desktop Audio

During the last two decades, audio for PCs has undergone numerous transformations. However, today the audio portion of the desktop is relegated to a...

‘Yaah! Magazine’ Issue Eleven Arrives in April

War and strategy gamers will be pleased to learn the next issue of Yaah! Magazine will arrive in April, from Flying Pig Games.

Download the Latest Digital Issue of ‘Irregular Magazine’ Free

Irregular Magazine has released their newest forty page issue in PDF as a free download.

The Best Slot Games at 888Casino

Slot games are some of the most exciting games in the casino. From the fast-paced gameplay to the cool themes and fun animations, playing...

‘Fangoria’ Magazine to Return from the Grave Following Cinestate Acquisition

Horror fans will be happy to know Fangoria Magazine will be making a return to provide you with all the film news, previews, reviews and other macabre goodness you came to love over the decades.

Harley Quinn Blows a Valentine’s Kiss with New Red, White &...

Just in time for Valentine's Day DC Collectibles is releasing a new Harley Quinn Red, White & Black collectible statue.

Cryptozoic Entertainment Reveals Vinyl and Digital ‘Cryptkins’ Collectibles

Coming soon from Cryptozoic Entertainment is a new series of monstrously collectible vinyl figures called Cryptkins.


‘Epic Card Game’ Reviewed on The Daily Dope for March 23rd,...

Today Jeff reviews the non-CCG Epic Card Game from White Wizard Games. Plus news from Fantasy Flight Games, Backspindle Games, Bundle of Holding and more.