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Pan's Guide for New Pioneers (Onyx Path Publishing)

‘Pan’s Guide for New Pioneers’ is Available for the ‘Pugmire’ RPG

Pan's Guide for New Pioneers contains a full length scenario as well as lots more background material for the fantasy setting.
T&T Adventures: Japan (Flying Buffalo Games)

‘T&T Adventures: Japan’ is Now Available in English

T&T Adventures: Japan doesn't take the game system to Japan but actually translates a bunch of articles, adventures, and more from the Japanese Tunnels & Trolls magazine.
Adventures in Middle-earth Player's Guide (Cubicle 7 Entertainment)

Score Big Savings with the ‘Adventures in Middle-earth’ PDF Bundle

Through the end of May you can snag the AiMe Player's Guide, Loremaster's Guide, the Rhovanion Region Guide, and Wilderland Adventures - in PDF - for a grand total of $29.95.
Monsterpocalypse Protectors (Privateer Press)

Privateer Press Reveals ‘Monsterpocalypse’ Starter Sets

The game pits giant monsters and Earth's defenders against one another in battle and each starter will contain one large miniature and five smaller ally units for the Destroyers and Protectors.

‘The Dark Eye: Aventuria Almanac’ First Look on The Daily Dope for May 24th, 2018

Jeff takes a detailed look at The Dark Eye: Aventuria Almanac supplement from Ulisses North America. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news.
Baby Bestiary Volume One (Metal Weave Games)

‘Baby Bestiary’ Volumes One and Two Arrive from Metal Weave Games

Both Baby Bestiary Volume One and Two feature fantastic artwork as well as gaming material about how characters can adopt young monsters and creatures in your setting.
Eriador Adventures (Cubicle 7 Entertainment)

‘Eriador Adventures’ is Now Available in PDF for ‘Adventures in Middle-earth’

Eriador Adventures includes six stand along adventures which can also be run together as a campaign spanning years.
Lost Cities: Rivals (Thames & Kosmos)

Expeditions Away This August with ‘Lost Cities: Rivals’

In Lost Cities: Rivals, two to four players will bid on cards in order to create expeditions and score victory points.

‘Renegade’ Reviewed on The Daily Dope for May 23rd, 2018

Jeff reviews the cyberpunk game Renegade from Victory Point Games. Plus the latest gaming/geek culture news.


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No Thank You, Evil! Box Set (Monte Cook Games)

New Print Run of ‘No Thank You, Evil!’ Up for Kickstarter Funding

Monte Cook Games has Shanna Germain's excellent No Thank You, Evil! introductory RPG for kids up for another print run through Kickstarter.
Ticket to Ride: New York (Days of Wonder)

‘Ticket to Ride: New York’ Arrives in Target Stores in June

The extremely portable Ticket to Ride: New York is arriving next month and promises a full game in just 15 minutes.
Anchors Aweigh! (Z-Man Games)

Set Sail for Discovery and Fortune with ‘Anchors Aweigh!’

In Anchors Aweigh!, two to four players will take the helm as each looks to explore and enrich themselves through trade.


Warhammer Age of Sigmar Miniatures Splash (Games Workshop)

‘Warhammer Age of Sigmar’ Receives a New Edition This June

Games Workshop has revealed the new edition of their fantasy miniatures system Warhammer Age of Sigmar will arrive this June.
Warhammer 40,000 Deathwatch Codex (Games Workshop)

‘Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch Codex’ is Available for Preorder

The latest codex for the 8th edition of Warhammer 40K is now available for preorder from Games Workshop.
Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game Second Edition (Fantasy Flight Games)

FFG Reveals ‘Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game’ Second Edition

Fantasy Flight Games indicates wide scale changes to mechanics and gameplay in order to bring more focus to the piloting aspect of the star fighter combat game.


Fate Horror Toolkit (Evil Hat Productions)

‘Fate Horror Toolkit’ Now Available from Evil Hat

I'm happy to see a new horror-centric release arrive for the very popular Evil Hat Production roleplaying system, Fate.

The Mist Walker Class is Available for Dungeons & Dragons 5E

The Mist Walker aims to provide entertaining options in both combat and non-combat situations.
Star Trek Adventures: A Star Beyond the Stars (Modiphius Entertainment)

‘Star Trek Adventures: A Star Beyond the Stars’ is Available in PDF

The three part campaign is a great way to introduce players and GMs to the mechanics of STA as the Federation crew looks to solve a mysterious starship disappearance.


Axisa & Allies & Zombies (Avalon Hill)

‘Axis & Allies & Zombies’ Heads to the Front Lines October 26th

While there still isn't a ton of useful information about the Avalon Hill WWII/Zombie mash up Axis & Allies & Zombies, we do have some box art and a release date.
Crusader Kings: The Board Game (Free League/Paradox Interactive)

‘Crusader Kings’ Kickstarter Already Passes 350% Funding

In Crusader Kings: The Board Game three to five players will lead medieval dynasties, through generations, to amass power and wealth.
Old School Tactical Volume II: Ghost Front Counters and Map (Flying Pig Games)

‘Old School Tactical Vol. II’ is About to Expand with ‘Ghost Front’

Ghost Front will take the action to the Ardennes as eleven scenarios which focus on the winter 1944 fighting around Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.


Paranoia First Edition (West End Games)

Save Big on the Classic ‘Paranoia’ RPG with the Latest Bundle of Holding

The classic, satirically off the wall science fiction roleplaying game Paranoia has been entertaining gamers since the mid-1980's and Bundle of Holding has collected some of its best PDF releases at huge savings.
Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia (Wizards of the Coast)

Save Up to 66% on Nearly 10,000 ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ PDFs Through May

DriveThruRPG is in the midst of a huge sale on Dungeons & Dragons PDFs all through the month of May.
Doctor Who Roleplaying Game (Cubicle 7 Entertainment)

Score $488 Worth of RPG Goodness for $25 with the ‘ConTessa Bundle of Awesome’

The bundle includes such hits as the core books for The Doctor Who Roleplaying Game, Cryptomancer, Fear Itself 2nd Edition, and N.E.W. The Science Fiction Roleplaying Game v1.2.


Gen Con 50 T-Shirt (Off World Designs)

Historic Gen Con 50 Sets Plenty of New Records

This year's con set new records in many areas, not the least of which would be the number of happy, smiling faces.
Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game SDCC 2017 Exclusive (Renegade Game Studios/Oni Press)

Exclusive Con Edition of ‘Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game’ to Hit SDCC 2017

Renegade Game Studios and Oni Press are getting ready to rock out with an exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Edition of the new Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game.
The Lich King's Ice Cream Citadel Logo (Blizzard Entertainment)

Blizzard Announces Sweet ‘Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne’ Treats at SDCC 2017

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed a special treat in conjunction with the upcoming Hearthstone expansion Knights of the Frozen Throne for this week's San Diego Comic-Con.


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