Aug 9, 2022

    The Crown of the Kobold King Anniversary Edition Preorders Begin in September

    Paizo Inc will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pathfinder with a new edition of Crown of the Kobold King.
    Aug 9, 2022

    CyberPunk RED Tales of the Red: Street Stories is Out in PDF

    R. Talsorian Games has released a new adventure collection for Cyberpunk RED, Tales of the Red: Street Stories.
    Aug 9, 2022

    DragonQuest is Coming from Queen Games in Q4

    Queen Game will release the roll and write fantasy adventure game DragonQuest later this year.
    Aug 9, 2022

    Score Big Savings with the Legacy: Life Among the Ruins Bundle of Holding

    Score big savings on the UFO Press roleplaying game Legacy Life Among the Ruins through Bundle of Holding.
    Aug 9, 2022

    Cubicle 7 Entertainment Announce Broken Weave for 2023

    Cubicle 7 Entertainment has announced a brand new fantasy IP is going to arrive as an RPG in 2023, Broken Weave.
    2022 ENnie Award Nominees At DMs Guild
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