Mar 2, 2021

    Lore of Aetherra: The Lost Druid | Kickstarter Preview

    Jeff shares a preview of the upcoming 5E adventure and setting Lore of Aetherra: The Lost Druid, now live on…
    Mar 2, 2021

    Suburbia Second Edition Arrives Later This Month

    In Suburbia Second Edition, designed by Ted Alspach, players will look to grow their small boroughs into metropolises.
    Mar 2, 2021

    The Big Apple Sewer Samurai Savage Worlds Setting is Out in PDF

    Big Apple Sewer Samurai draws roleplaying inspiration from classic Saturday morning action cartoons of the 1980s and 1990s.
    Mar 2, 2021

    Sail Into Merchant’s Cove This April

    In Merchants Cove, from Final Frontier Games, players will each take on the role of unique merchants looking for fame…
    Mar 2, 2021

    Bronze Age Roleplaying Game Jackals is Out in Print and PDF

    Jackals: Bronze Age Fantasy Roleplaying, written by John-Matthew DeFoggi, is inspired by the ancient world of both myth and reality.
    Mar 2, 2021

    Cape May Arrives This June from Thunderworks Games

    In Cape May, designed by Eric Mosso, players will look to build and expand the famed New Jersey vacation getaway.


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