Saturday, December 16, 2017


A Kick Here, A Karate Chop There: ‘Shadow Strike: Melee’ Reviewed

The premise of Shadow Strike: Melee is each of the players is a student at a ninja school and everyone is aiming to pass their final exam: a ninja class free for all brawl.

Those Were Dark Days Indeed: ‘Folklore: The Affliction’ Reviewed

Folklore: The Affliction is touted as a dark fantasy, GM-less roleplaying board game. The setting is that of a mythical 15th or 16th century-ish European world which is filled with plenty of creepy old world monsters and villains.

The Other Guys Episode Two with Reviews of ‘NOT ALONE’ and...

Join Jeff and Elliott for the latest gaming news as Elliott also reviews NOT ALONE from Stronghold Games as Jeff shares his thoughts on Hotshots from Fireside Games.

Be Vewy, Vewy, Quiet: ‘Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure’ Reviewed

One of the hottest releases to arrive on the scene over the last year or so is Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure from Renegade Game Studios and it was certainly a title I've been looking forward to playing.

Zoom to Your Doom in the Tomb: ‘Tomb of Annihilation’ for...

I'm not spoiling anything by mentioning the player characters are tasked with getting to the bottom of a curse which is sweeping the land and causing those who have been previously resurrected to slowly waste away.

Shall We Boldly Go?: ‘Star Trek Adventures’ Reviewed

As the eagerly anticipated launch of Star Trek: Discovery arrives this weekend on CBS, with subsequent episodes airing exclusively on the subscription CBS All Access, interest in the over fifty year long Trek franchise is certainly at a peak.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire!: ‘Hotshots’ Reviewed

In Hotshots, up to four players assume individual roles within a team as they aim to extinguish a wildfire before it consumes the forest.

Slip Sliding Away: ‘Ice Cool’ Reviewed

Ice Cool is a dexterity game where each player has a bottom weighted penguin which they'll attempt to flick around a frozen high school.

‘The Other Guys’ Episode #1: ‘Bärenpark’ and ‘Tiny Epic Western’ Reviewed

Lock the doors, hide the kids, and stash your valuables as Elliott Miller (Voice of E) and our very own Jeff McAleer have teamed up once again for an all new table top gaming and geek culture podcast.

Hitting the Jackpot!: ‘Vegas Wits & Wagers’ Reviewed

I make no bones about Wits & Wagers being my favorite party game to bust out when I've got five or more people kicking it and looking to have a blast with some lighter gaming.


‘Welcome to Centerville’ Unboxing & ‘The Lost Expedition’ Review on The...

A supersized show today as Jeff takes everything outside the box of the new Welcome to Centerville, from GMT Games, and reviews The Lost Expedition from Osprey Games. Plus the latest news!