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Sentima: Sundered Wilds Kickstarter

Help in getting the word out about your company and releases is provided in many forms here on The Gaming Gang. Advertising is available on our main page as well as inner post pages. It’s important to understand we never actively solicit donations from any of our visitors so advertising revenue is used to operate the website and provide us with the opportunity to cover the industry to the best of our abilities. These funds first and foremost are reinvested into the website and YouTube channel to further their promotion and growth. Any leftover revenue is used for future convention attendance; thus providing more opportunities for publisher exposure and coverage. In other words, our ad revenues allow us travel to conventions and meet with the companies which our visitors find most interesting! A true win/win situation!

We understand companies have many options at their disposal when it comes to advertising current and upcoming releases. We also understand everyone is looking for the most bang for their buck. With that in mind, we also do not place our advertisers’ campaigns into a “hodge podge” rotation where they intermix with other advertisers – your ad space is dedicated to your company and your company alone! We will include multiple gaming titles (from your company) into a rotation, as described below, at your request. As a website whose traffic numbers are consistently ranked within the top one tenth of one percent – out of an estimated 1.1 billion active websites! – your advertising will be seen by folks interested in exactly what you’re promoting; our monthly unique visitors average between 75k and 100k.

We strive to do more than simply post your ad and in doing so provide each company with a custom tailored campaign strategy based upon their needs!

Our weekly Q2 2023 advertising pricing is as follows:

Weekly Sponsorship of the live stream The Daily Dope: $50.00 (Two sponsors maximum – three episodes a week)

[Sitewide Clickable Background Panorama] $160.00 US

1200×148 [Sitewide Top Banner] $85.00 US

325×325 [Home Page Square Before the Fold] $70.00 US

728×90 [Home Page Banner Before the Fold] $65.00 US

728×90 [Home Page Banner After the Fold] $60.00 US

325×325 [Home Page Square at the Fold] $50.00 US

325×325 [Home Page Square Below the Fold] $40.00 US

728×90 [Interior Page Banner Above Article – Before the Fold] $75.00 US

728×90 [Interior Page Banner Below Article – After the Fold] $55.00 US

300×600 [Interior Page Skyscraper Side Right Before the Fold] $75.00 US

300×600 [Interior Page Skyscraper Side Right at the Fold] $55.00 US

300×600 [Interior Page Skyscraper Side Right After the Fold] $45.00 US

325×325 [Interior Page Square Top Right Before the Fold] $55.00 US

325×325 [Interior Page Square Middle Right at the Fold] $50.00 US

325×325 [Interior Page Square Bottom Right After the Fold] $40.00 US

Kickstarter previews

Custom Produced Crowdfunding Preview Video $300.00 (One time fee)

Custom Produced Crowdfunding Preview Video, Project Consulting, and Sitewide Header Banner Ad Posting for duration of project $475.00 (One time fee per project)

To provide even more value for your marketing dollars you may submit up to five products to be featured in your ad block on a rotating page refresh basis – additional ads may be added to the rotation for a nominal fee. We’ll even allow you to change your current ad campaign twice per month at no additional cost.

Please keep in mind advertisers do not have any editorial control over content posted here on TGG nor do they receive preferential treatment as far as reviews or sneak previews are concerned; we will strive to provide honest and accurate views regarding every release we cover.

If you have any questions regarding advertising on TGG, please contact Jeff and don’t forget to ask about multiple week discounting too!