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Submissions for Review

Submissions for Review

The Gaming Gang relies heavily on companies and developers submitting complementary copies of their games for review and supporting TGG by linking to us (and in return by us linking to them) to help spread the word. Regardless of how we obtain games for review our opinions are always honestly presented. Please keep in mind our submission policy is in regards to readily available products and not crowdfunding previews. If you’re interested in TGG covering an upcoming crowdfunding project in depth, please check out our advertising page.

In short:

If you are a company, designer, or developer and would like to submit a game, please take a look at the following guidelines and let us know if you are looking for a review or preview. We’ll contact you quickly and work out the logistics of getting a review copy into our hands. In order to insure that your game receives a fair review it will be assigned to an individual who is experienced in playing games of that genre, theme, or style. We prefer that a game is ready for release to the public although we will preview advanced beta designs that are preparing to go to print.

Our written reviews, previews, interviews, etc. are always 100% free for game companies and developers. We strive to be fair and unbiased in presenting our impressions and thoughts as well as pointing out what sort of player your game will appeal to. Please contact Jeff if you would like The Gaming Gang to tackle your title and he will provide shipping information.

The Gaming Gang is one of the most popular table top gaming focused websites in he world – as of this writing we’re on pace to finish 2022 with over one million unique visitors overall.

We cannot make any promises about the sort of review you will receive, when you will receive it or if you’ll even get one; we hate nothing more than trashing a game that someone spent a lot of time and effort on. As a result, if your game is good we generally get around to reviewing it faster than games which are more tedious to play or of low quality gameplay. In some cases, we may opt to preview your game rather than review it. Normally you can expect the review, or preview, to make it’s way to our visitors within thirty days of receipt of the game.

Please keep in mind we will not provide a review based upon prototype submissions (aka Kickstarter betas or print and play previews); we will only review games that are presented as a finished product, or as near a finished product as possible, which reflects what will be available to the buying public. We do understand, on very rare occasions, a minor revision is made before the final design is given a full print run and in those situations we will present a review. Prototypes and nearly complete masters will be given in depth previews or “sneak peeks”.

In closing we’d just like to say to all the designers and publishers out there, thank you for making all the fantastic games we love and keep up the great work!

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