Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tag: Seiji Kanai


From Cthulhu with Love?: ‘Lovecraft Letter’ Reviewed

Now that I've had an opportunity to get the game to the table multiple times, with a variety of different gamers, I'm happy to say this Lovecraftian twist on Love Letter is loads of fun.

‘Love Letter’ Meets Lovecraft This July with ‘Lovecraft Letter’ From AEG

Seiji Kanai’s hit Love Letter continues to prove the little game has huge staying power as the core design gets another incarnation from AEG this July.

‘Eight Epics’ Coming from Seiji Kanai and AEG

The latest design from Seiji Kanai (of Love Letter fame) will be arriving at your FLGS this October by way of our friends at AEG.

‘Say Bye to the Villains’ Now Available from AEG

A new design from Seiji Kanai is hitting stores from AEG. In Say Bye to the Villains, players cooperate to take down - you guessed it - a cadre of baddies in a fast paced, kung fu themed card game.

It’s Only Cheating If You Get Caught: A Review of ‘Cheaty...

Cheaty Mages is a fun wind up/wind down game and should appeal to just about any gamer. If you enjoy Kenai’s other design, Love Letter, then picking this title up is a no brainer. If Love Letter was a touch too light for you and your own gaming gang be sure to give Cheaty Mages a try because there’s quite a bit more under the hood in this design. Everyone I played this with has gotten a big kick out of the little card game!

For the Hand of a Princess: AEG’s ‘Love Letter’ Reviewed

Thankfully AEG once again proves my initial reaction completely wrong and provides a great experience packed into a mighty small and attractively priced package.

AEG to Send a Love Letter

AEG has announced the fourth title in their line of City State of Tempest games and this one is entitled Love Letter. There isn't...