Thursday, October 19, 2017

Audiobooks and Old Time Radio

Halloween Spooktacular 2017 – Lights Out: ‘Murder Castle’

Today's Spooktacular entry is an especially interesting one as not only is the story pretty scary but it's also loosely based on fact.

Halloween Spooktacular 2017 – CBSRMT: ‘The Captain of the Pole-Star’

In The Captain of the Pole-Star, based on a story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a doctor hires on to a whaling ship only to be aboard the vessel when it becomes locked in ice during its travels.

Halloween Spooktacular 2017 – Dark Fantasy: ‘Pennsylvania Turnpike’

In this tale, a traveler stops to fill up at a gas station and encounters a strangely out of place elderly man who happens to be heading his way.

Halloween Spookctacular 2017 – Quiet, Please: ‘Wear the Dead Man’s Coat’

In today's Spooktacular entry, Wear the Dead Man's Coat, a rather cruel beggar does just that and finds more than invisibility as part of the bargain.

Halloween Spooktacular 2017 – Dimension X: ‘Dr. Grimshaw’s Sanitorium’

Kick back and enjoy a scary tale of a mad scientist as it aired on Dimension X on September 22nd, 1950.

Halloween Spooktacular 2017 – CBSRMT: ‘A Coffin for the Devil’

Tonight let's celebrate Friday the 13th with one of the more interesting stories produced during the entire run of CBS Radio Mystery Theater.

Halloween Spooktacular 2017 – Lights Out: ‘The Word’

In The Word, a couple sight see at the top of the Empire State Building only to find they may be the only remaining humans on Earth.

Halloween Spooktacular 2017 – Inner Sanctum Mysteries: ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’

Today we'll give a listen to two great talents of the macabre; Edgar Allan Poe and Boris Karloff.

Halloween Spooktacular 2017 – Suspense: ‘The Waxwork’

This episode of Suspense is a rather creepy one wherein a reporter offers to spend the night in the infamous murderers wing of a wax museum.

Halloween Spooktacular 2017 – Inner Sanctum Mysteries: ‘The Undead’

This episode focuses on a woman who constantly dreams her husband is a vampire. The Undead originally aired on December 18th, 1945.