Arena of the Planeswalkers (Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast)

TGG Outside the Box: ‘Magic: The Gathering – Arena of the...

The big Hasbro release at Gen Con this year was Magic: The Gathering - Arena of the Planeswalkers. I break down exactly what you'll find in the box if you pick up the game, which is set for a wide scale release later this month.

A First Look at ‘Dawn of the Zeds Third Edition’ from...

Sorry to say I'm getting this video up right on the cusp of the Kickstarter project ending but I wanted to share a sneak peek (as well as my thoughts) on the third edition of Dawn of the Zeds from Victory Point Games.

Image Comics Sneak Peeks ‘We Stand on Guard’ #1

One of the more interesting looking new series premiering next week is We Stand on Guard from Image Comics. It's a future tale of brave Canucks aiming to protect Canada and facing off against an overwhelmingly powerful invader ...the United States.
Ninjak #4 Valaint 25th Anniversary Variant

Valiant Sneak Peeks ‘Ninjak’ #4

The newest hit title over Valiant is certainly the return of Ninjak and we have a first look at issue#4.

Valiant Sneak Peeks ‘Quantum and Woody Must Die!’ #2

Our friends at Valiant have provided a first look at the second issue of the limited series Quantum and Woody Must Die! and we have it right here.

Marvel Sneak Peeks ‘Darth Vader’ #1

The first issue of Darth Vader, from Marvel Comics, will surely be the hottest selling comic come Wednesday and we're lucky enough to have a sneak peek.
Uncanny Avengers #1 Dell'otto Variant (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Sneak Peeks ‘Uncanny Avengers’ #1

It's a new day and a new line up for the Uncanny Avengers. Marvel reboots the series following the events of Axis. The first issue is sure to be one of the hot titles this week and we've got a first look.

Valiant Sneak Peeks ‘Quantum and Woody Must Die’ #1

Valiant Entertainment has shared a first look at the initial issue in the upcoming series Quantum and Woody Must Die and we've got it right here. The mayhem and madness begins January 28th.
Star Wars #1 Cover (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Sneak Peeks ‘Star Wars #1’

After nearly thirty years, the Star Wars universe returns to the House of Ideas and we have the sneak peek at the first issue. Written by Jason Aaron, with art provided by John Cassaday, Marvel relaunches Star Wars tomorrow and you best set your tractor beams on the first issue because I'm sure it'll disappear quickly from FLCS shelves!
Charmed Season 10 #3-1 (Zenescope Entertainment)

A First Look at Zenescope’s ‘Charmed Season 10’ Issue Three

Courtesy of our friends at Zenescope Entertainment we've got a sneak peek at the latest issue of Charmed Season 10, arriving in your FLCS Wednesday. In case you hadn’t noticed this issue is actually releasing a week early too!

A First Look at ‘The Valiant’ Coming December 10th, 2014

A single issue arrives from Valiant next week but it's a big one, with the launch of the limited series The Valiant. Thanks to our friends at VE we have a sneak peek right here at TGG.

Telltale and HBO Tease ‘Game of Thrones’ Game Series

Hot on the heels of the success of their series based on The Walking Dead, Telltale Games is now turning their attention to another television property, the hit HBO Game of Thrones with a six part episodic adventure. No word yet on the release date for Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series but we should see episode one, Iron from Ice, soon.


‘Kids on Bikes’ Deluxe Edition Reviewed on The Daily Dope for...

Today Jeff reviews the deluxe edition of the roleplaying game of small towns and big adventures, Kids on Bikes, from Hunters Entertainment and Renegade Game Studios. Plus the latest gaming news.