Sunday, December 17, 2017

The War Room

Final Week to Go Tank on Tank with ‘Platoon Commander Deluxe:...

Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk takes on the largest tank battle of WWII. This isn't your grandpappy's same old, same old hex and counter Eastern Front either...

‘The American Revolution Tri-Pack’ from GMT Games Unboxing on The Daily...

Jeff cracks open the new American Revolution Tri-Pack from GMT Games. Plus you can catch up on the latest table top gaming news.

‘Yaah Magazine Issue #10’ Including Hermann Luttmann’s ‘Steamroller’ Now Available from...

Flying Pig Games has the latest issue of Yaah! Magazine hitting the scene and it also includes the latest game from my good buddy Hermann Luttmann.

‘Samurai Gardener’ Live Unboxing on The Daily Dope for December 11th,...

Jeff takes a peek at the family game 'Samurai Gardener' from Osprey Games. Plus the latest table top and geek culture news.

The Daily Dope for December 6th, 2017 (w/ ‘Wild Blue Yonder’...

Jeff brings you a live unboxing of 'Wild Blue Yonder' from GMT Games plus the latest news from Victory Point Games, Calliope Games, Monte Cook Games, APE Games, Stonemaier Games, and more!

‘South China Sea’ Brings Tomorrow’s Headlines to Your Wargaming Table

With all the continuing developments with North Korea and the U.S. a wargame which recently grabbed my attention is South China Sea from Compass Games.

‘Wings of Glory: Tripods and Triplanes’ Kickstarts for Ares Games

This new title mashes up knights of the air with Martian invaders straight from the pages of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds.

Our Live Weekday Stream ‘The Daily Dope’ Premieres December 1st

Beginning December 1st catch the latest in table top gaming, comics, movies, tv and more every weekday with The Daily Dope on Twitch and YouTube.

Outside the Box: ‘Enemy Coast Ahead – The Doolittle Raid’

Jeff takes a look at the new solitaire wargame Enemy Coast Ahead - The Doolittle Raid from GMT. Take on the planning and execution of the famous U.S. retaliatory strike against Japan on April 18th, 1941.

Outside the Box: ‘Holland ’44’ From GMT Games

Jeff shows off the latest wargame from GMT Games. Holland '44 simulates the critical first seven days of Operation Market-Garden during September of 1944.


‘Welcome to Centerville’ Unboxing & ‘The Lost Expedition’ Review on The...

A supersized show today as Jeff takes everything outside the box of the new Welcome to Centerville, from GMT Games, and reviews The Lost Expedition from Osprey Games. Plus the latest news!