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Tag: Gen Con 2011

Dad’s First Lego Game

One of the highlights for me at GenCon was the Family Pavilion, where I got to spend some time playing games with my daughter.

Gen Con 2011 Shatters Attendance Records

Elliott and I knew that it was a big turnout for the Gen Con Indy show but the numbers released are pretty staggering. Our Gen Con Media Contact, Stacia Kirby sent along this press release…

Back to the News and Reviews!

As Elliott and I finish up with the last of our coverage of Gen Con 2011, we now turn our focus back to what the majority of our long time visitors pop on by for: news and reviews! Although Elliott will be covering the gaming aspect of the Chicago Comic Con this weekend, you can expect loads of new articles appearing on the site within the next week or so as we catch up on our reviews and such.

Days of Wonder Box Logo

The Gaming Gang Extra 26: Gen Con Raw! Days of Wonder

It’s another Gaming Gang Extra from the floor of the convention at Gen Con 2011. This time Jeff and Elliott are talking with Mark Kaufman from Days of Wonder. Mark chats with us about Small World Underground, Cargo Noir, and we have an interesting conversation about board gaming gone electronic.

The Gaming Gang Extra 23: Gen Con Raw! AEG

Todd Rowland, Brand Manager of Legend of the Five Rings from AEG, spends some time with Elliott and I discussing the brand new release of the Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan board game as well as the Emperor Edition of L5R CCG, Heart of Doom for Thunderstone, Blood Country for Nightfall, and all things L5R role playing.

Gaming Gang Extra 22: Gen Con Raw! Fantasy Flight Games

This time, Jeff and I are talking with Anton Torres from Fantasy Flight Games about Star Wars, Dust, Rex, Elder Sign and a whole lot more. Plus Steve Horvath, VP of Marketing Communications, pops in to say hello.

Spin Master Logo

Gaming Gang Extra 21: Gen Con Raw! Spin Master

This time, I’ll be talking with Rachel Griffin from Spin Master about Redekai, the 3D card battle game. If you or someone you love is a Pokeman or Yugioh fan, then take a look at Redekai. Plus Stratego’s 50th anniversary and Stomple, right from the floor of Gen Con 2011.

Rebuilding Neverwinter

Wizards of the Coast announced at Gen Con, the launch of an entire new series of products in the city of Neverwinter. I haven’t visited there myself since many sessions playing Neverwinter Nights on my PC many moons ago.

The Gaming Gang Extra 19: Gen Con Raw! Mayfair Games

Bob Carty, VP of Sales and Marketing for Mayfair Games, joins Elliott and I for a few laughs and a look at the latest releases and upcoming titles. We also delve into a bit of the history of Mayfair that some of our listeners may not be familiar with.

D&D Neverwinter Gen Con 2011

The Gaming Gang Extra 18: Gen Con Raw! Dungeons and Dragons

Elliott and I sit down with Shelly Mazzanoble, Brand Manager of Dungeons and Dragons from Wizards of the Coast. Shelly shares with us a lot of exciting details about the launch of the Neverwinter for the venerable RPG.

Listen in as I detail my ignorance of all things D&D from the last 20 years…

The Gaming Gang Extra 17 – Gen Con Raw! Chaosium Games

Elliott and I had the opportunity to speak with Charlie Krank from one of our favorite companies of all time: Chaosium Games, publishers of Call of Cthulhu. Give a listen as we talk about the 30th Anniversary of CofC!

The Gaming Gang Extra 16 – Gen Con Raw! Academy Games

Uwe Eickert of Academy Games takes time to talk with Jeff about the Conflict of Heroes series, upcoming titles 1812 – The Invasion of Canada and Bloody Crossroads: The Battle of Gettysburg Day One, as well as the latest release, Strike of the Eagle.

The Gaming Gang Extra 15 – Gen Con Raw! Third Eye Games

Jeff chats with Eloy Lasanta, the mastermind behind Third Eye Games, on day one of Gen Con 2011. The discussion focuses on the new RPG Part-Time Gods, other TEG RPGs titles, as well as PDF piracy.

You can certainly tell Eloy is fun to talk to!