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Telltale Games will soon be releasing the first episode of their five episode video game based on Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead”.Like the comic and the show, the game will concentrate on the story and characters, but will feature a different group than the ones in the comic. After all, a lo…
I ran across Wasteland 2 on Kickstarter. This really is a sequel to the original Wasteland from Interplay I remember playing so long ago on my Commodore 64. Remember the classic line “Rabbit is reduced to a thin red paste”?It is coming back, and Kickstarter is here to help. Obviously, there are …
Mass Effect 3
Aside from the ending controversy, Mass Effect 3 has many hours of entertainment value packed inside. Here is the first of a series of playthrough videos for the game, at insanity level, as an engineer.The creator of this series is very near and dear to me, and his You Tube Channel is getting up…
Game Name: Mass Effect 3Publisher: Electronic ArtsDeveloper: BiowareYear: 2012Players: Solo (with multiplayer)Rating: M (for Mature)Retail Price: $59.99Category: Science fiction RPG*** Warning! Spoilers Ahead! ***For The Bioware Faithful & The Bioware Brai…

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