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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Privateer Press

In this, the third segment in our guide to painting miniatures, I’m going to tackle your final – and most important - pieces of equipment: brushes and paints. It’s important to keep in mind that without quality brushes and paints that will meet your needs your first forays in painting will become no…
Privateer Press is bringing new upgrade kits, for each Warmachine faction, to local stores. It's important to remember that these are not complete models and you'll need a heavy warjack figure for the upgrade.…
Jeff reviews the newest edition of the fantasy steampunk Warmachine skirmish level miniatures rules from Privateer Press.…
Privateer Press is bringing more models and mayhem to your Warmachine tabletop this week. Wrath brings to you the latest additions to the forces of the Iron Kingdoms and the strategies involved in wielding those units in order to crush your enemies.…
The armies of Privateer Press' Warmachine are growing, as new figures are hitting store shelves soon! The forces of Cygnar will field Constance Blaize, Knight Prophet and the Long Gunner Infantry. The Protectorate add Thyra, Flame of Sorrow and the Retribution Of Scyrah receive Lord Arcanist Ossyan.…
Everyone loves the look of sharply painted miniatures on the tabletop. Many gamers assume that the art of presenting stylish and eye grabbing figures are beyond their skills but those same people would be amazed by the results they can achieve by following some rather simple steps.…

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